"Serving our Customers with Tradition, Technology and Trust"
Our Mission - Straight Arrow Products, Inc.

Our Mission

Satisfy the Customer

Devon B. KatzevA simple but true statement…our family’s tradition and mission here at Straight Arrow has always been to do just that! All of our products are designed to stand the test of that tradition and live up to our quality standards and meet the same performance challenges time and again. While we don’t manufacture on the family farm these days, we still take pride in the fact that we produce all of our products right here in the United States. We have made it our goal to have our Consumer Affairs department answer any questions that our customers may have, whether it be on the phone, via email or any other written correspondence. We actually care and go to great length to let our customers know how much we care!

We thank all of our faithful customers who have supported our business throughout the years and made us a household name! We also welcome our new customers who have just “discovered the secret” with hope that you become “satisfied customers” for years to come.

Devon B. Katzev
Straight Arrow Products, Inc.