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Straight Arrow Therapeutic

Endorsed by the professional practitioners.

Over the years we have been providing high quality hair care, grooming, and treatment products to first the equine industry and then to the beauty industry, continuing to make all of our products with the same concern for quality and performance as we did when they were made on the family farm. Our therapeutic products have garnered a prestigious reputation over the years with the professional practitioner industry, specifically with Podiatrists.

Podiatrists have found great results with Urea Care in treating severely dry, cracked, callused skin on the feet that sometimes is a common symptom of diabetic patients. Others have found that it is unique healing and moisturizing treatment for all skin areas that need special attention for excessive dryness to condition and nourish with 10% Urea.

Other revitalizing skin therapeutic treatments, such as Foot Miracle, an intense moisturizing treatment designed for the feet, hands, and body to help replenish lost moisture and essential skin oils and Skin Miracle an anti-aging favorite that helps protect skin against premature aging with a greaseless silky formula that rejuvenates all skin and fortifies nails.

All of these skin therapies are formulated with the most advanced ingredients and without heavy oils or petroleum bases. Younger, replenished, nourished skin is the result!

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