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Exhibitor's Products by Straight Arrow, Inc.

Exhibitor’s is the professional’s grooming choice. Turning a beautiful coat into a gorgeous coat… that’s Exhibitors. Intensifying the natural beauty of your show horses… that’s Exhibitors. For more than 30 years, our scientific formulas have turned superb into stunning. Our line of grooming products includes Quic Shampoo®, Quic Conditioner®, Quic Color®, Quic Black®, Quic Silver®, Quic Braid® & Quic Sheen.

All are designed to quickly clean, detangle, treat and shine tails, while intensifying the beauty and shine of the entire coat on any horse of any color… with or without stockings. World class competitors won’t settle for anything less than the most comprehensive Exhibitor formulas to clean and maintain the magnificence of your show horse.

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